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13 Things You Didn’t Know About Refrigerated Transport

13 Things You Didn’t Know About Refrigerated Transport

What is Refrigerated Transport?

Refrigerated transportation is the method by which perishable goods are transported, often over long distances in temperature-controlled environments, but not always. Reefers are temperature-controlled environments, and they can be rail cars, shipping containers, or truck trailers. Foods, pharmaceuticals, and animals that are complex to temperature are examples of cargoes that need to be transported in a refrigerated vehicle.

Reefers hold structures that maintain a constant or a range of temperatures for their contents. Moreover, during transit, this temperature-maintaining function ensures that any cargo they transport remains safe and in optimal conditions.

Following are the 13 Things About Refrigerated Transport-

1. In a refrigerated container it is important to keep the prescribed temperature. This is realized by circulating temperature-controlled air internally, throughout the load space.

2. Refrigerated containers are not restricted to trucks, rail cars, or shipping containers alone. Warehouses with temperature control creations are also a vital part of refrigerated transport.

3. Fruits, vegetables, and additional food items are not the only types of loads that are reserved for refrigerated transport. Others are also loaded such as – Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, arts, etc.

4. Before the advent of refrigerated containers, agricultural products could only be transported 50 miles.

5. Food supplies including meat, milk, and other consumables were loaded onto rail cars and trains and sent to neighboring cities. Ice cubes were utilized in large blocks to keep the temperature cool.

6. Worldwide, there are more than 35 million container loads of refrigerated cargo shipped each year.

7. The cooling system for the refrigerated container has its own power source and operates autonomously of the truck that transports it. Allowing the temperature to remain constant to keep the goods cool and fresh.

8. A refrigerated truck can go more than 1 million miles if it obtains proper care and care.

9. Trucks that are refrigerated are also known as reefers, freezer trucks or chiller trucks.

10. Transporting various weights needs the use of different types of refrigerated vehicles.

11. Different temperatures can be maintained by refrigerated trucks. Set it to a temperature that is appropriate for a refrigerator.

12. The most obvious benefit of refrigerated containers is that it keeps products from losing their value during the carriage process.

13. Refrigerated containers are also prepared to warm up the goods for the shipments when required.

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