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Cold Storage Racking System

Pallet racking for cold storage is one of the best storage solutions, especially among food transport companies. These systems are designed to withstand cold or freezing weather conditions. A cold storage pallet racking system that can resist tough circumstances and maximize floor space is essential given the cold temperatures and small dimensions.

Intelligent storage solutions are necessary for cold storage facilities to maximize storage density and minimize facility footprint, which lowers operational costs. With the help of customer and product-based segmentation, Hira Link offers flexible, tailored solutions that mitigate the negative consequences of SKU multiplication.


  • Ideal for FIFO (First In, First Out)
  • Reduces Need for Aisle Frontage to Increase Space
  • Enhances Efficiency with Quick SKU Access

Essential Storage Needs

Focusing on cold storage racking systems especially, the following factors must be taken into account when selecting the best kind of pallet racking system for a project involving cold storage:

  • Space optimization for effective cooling
  • Weather-resistant material for pallet racking
  • Maximization of the store’s storage capacity
  • Cost savings for warehousing supplies
  • A shorter loading and unloading period
  • Temperature consistency
  • Making access to unit loads easier

Benefits of choosing Cold Storage and Racking System

The flexible pallet racking system for cold or frozen storage has the following benefits:

  • Quick and direct access
  • Less time and effort required
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Compatibility with different cold storage pallet racking systems.

Design, setup, and assembly of industrial racking for pallets are all parts of the entire service that Hira Link refrigerated truck transport company offers in the creation of pallet racking systems for large loads.

  • To provide improved resilience over time, pre-galvanized material is produced as standard for the uprights and frames of Hira link’s pallet racking systems.
  • Any form of pallet, including euro-pallets, half-pallets, and other industrial pallet types, can be used with the pallet loading storage systems.

Pallet racking systems are also available with unique designs for storage in cold and freezing environments, frequently solutions that guarantee superior structure compaction.

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