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Drop Side Body

The Drop Side body by Hira Link is recognised for its durable design at an affordable cost. The decks can survive the worst conditions because of its heavy steel bottom. The center and corner posts, as well as the drop sides, are all fully hinged and detachable. This increases the body’s adaptability and gives clients more flexibility.

The Drop Side Body can be made from a variety of steels, just like all other Hira Link carrier truck reefer units. We will offer advice on selecting the ideal steel for the job.

When to use Drop Side Body Service?

A drop side body is the perfect solution for transporting heavy equipment. Drop side bodies can be used in many situations such as one may use them for hauling machinery or heavy equipment from job site to job site. They are also great for transportation of food products in large quantities such as boxes or crates full of fruits and vegetables from farm to market.

The following industries and jobs are best served by Hira Link vehicles with rear cab boxes, dry freight truck bodies, and dropside bodies:

  • Waste collection: 

Empty garbage bags and other abandoned items are deposited in the loading area, and the tools required to finish the collection, such as brooms and extra bags, are kept in the box.

  • Maintenance services

Tools like wrenches, pliers, testers, etc. are kept in the box, and other items that need to be repaired, transported to a client’s location, or kept in one’s own workshop are put in the cargo truck body.

  • Cleaning services in tourist facilities

The box contains all of the supplies needed for changing the sheets and cleaning the rooms. In the meantime, laundry-related bags of linens and towels are loaded into the cargo bed, maybe with the aid of side containment extensions.

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