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Eutectic Refrigeration System

The Eutectic refrigeration system from Hira link is a cold chain preservation system that combines the benefits of mechanical refrigeration with natural air cooling. It works by using a liquid-gas mixture of ethane and propane, which has a lower boiling point than water. The mixture is used as a working fluid in the heat exchanger where it transfers energy to the material being cooled. The gas then expands and creates an even colder environment for the material, ultimately keeping it below its freezing temperature until its destination.

It is –

  • Thermal Zinc Coated Offers a great capacity for storing cold and resists rust.
  • Seamless Inner Tube
  • Due to the one-piece pipes utilized, there is no gas leak.
  • Robotic welding
  • Because robotic welding is utilized on plates, there is no liquid leakage.
  • Robotic and uniformly bent pipes show no signs of weakening or degradation.

A eutectic brine is used in eutectic plate refrigeration systems, which use hollow tubes, beams, or plates to store energy and generate a cooling effect as necessary to maintain the proper temperature in the refrigerated container. The eutectic method is perfect for an operation with numerous pauses and door openings and is suitable for both long distance distributes and door-to-door deliveries.

Features of Eutectic Refrigeration System

  • Zero-emission
  • Zero-noise operation
  • No gasoline or energy is needed during delivery, even while the vehicle’s engine is off.
  • Maintenance-free, low TCO
  • Operation is simple.
  • Compatibility with both internal combustion engines and electric trucks

Eutectic freezer units for containers can be utilized for things like:

  • Trucks with mobile freezers for distribution.
  • Transporting vaccinations.
  • Food transported frozen
  • Dairy goods

How does eutectic cooling function?

The eutectic refrigeration system has a straightforward and effective operating concept. Eutectic refrigeration at Hira Link, in contrast to traditional systems, relies on the cold source provided by an eutectic solution rather than the direct expansion of refrigerant gas. The eutectic plates or beams are powered by mains electricity during off-peak hours at night for charging. They refrigerate the area by storing the cold energy and gradually releasing it in the form of cold air.

Because the eutectic system in a refrigerator is fully independent of the chassis, a constant temperature is always guaranteed. Once charged, our eutectic plate refrigeration delivers dependable, quick cooling for a predetermined amount of time despite repeated door openings.

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