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Do you need help with your cold chain? Hira link has some of the industry’s most advanced shipping container refrigeration units, including this innovative Poly Insulated box! Our Poly Insulated Box with Teak Wood will keep your products safe from temperature changes and give you peace of mind that your products won’t spoil before reaching your customers. It’s also reusable so you can use it as many times as necessary!

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A product of Hira link, Poly Insulated Box with Teak Wood is a must-have for any food transportation companies. These custom-made boxes are insulated to keep your products as cold or as hot as you need them to be, so that you can deliver them fresh to your customers.

They’re made from food-grade cardboard and provide plenty of storage space, so you won’t have trouble fitting all of your products in one box. Each box comes with a tamper-evident seal for added security and peace of mind during shipping.

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As a leading refrigerated transport service provider, Hira link will help you to transport your container loads efficiently and securely. We are best refrigerated trucking companies that offer cost-effective transportation solutions for full truckloads, LTLs and Intermodal shipments. With several years of experience, we are one of the top-rated companies in the industry.


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