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Stake Body Truck

One of the more unusual hauling choices accessible to fleets and businesses in the UAE region is the use of stake body commercial trucks. Stake body trucks provide the distinctive cargo truck body options that businesses need to transport very large, awkwardly shaped cargoes.

Similar to a flatbed truck, a stake body truck features sockets along the edge that can be used to insert upright stakes to create a fence. Stake body trucks derive their name from the side stakes that surround the truck bed.

Who needs Stake Body Trucks?

Any organization, small business, food transportation companies or fleet that has to move commodities of various sizes will find stake body trucks to be the perfect solution. A stake body truck can carry practically any form of cargo, from lofty loads to loose loads. Due to their adaptable storage, excellent payload capacity, and simplicity of usage, stake body trucks have long been valued by businesses in the agriculture, landscaping, and hardscaping industries.

How Hira Link Stake Body Is Perfect for you?

100% customized stake body trucks from Hira Link are of the highest quality and craftsmanship. Our stake body trucks are designed for sturdiness, endurance, and efficiency. We customize every cargo truck body to match the particular needs of your intended use, resulting in a high-end stake bed truck that will last for many years.

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