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Industrial Cold Room


We specialize in cold room construction, with our clients including dairy producers, cheese makers, seafood processors, and more. Our industrial cold rooms are designed to meet the needs of your business and can be customized in a variety of sizes. We are also experts when it comes to refrigerated container truck design, which is why we have a wide selection of different models available for purchase.

Modular Cold Rooms

Some of the sectors we support include:

Our industrial cold rooms offer reliable, efficient environmental controls for a variety of applications; including: GMP Storage and Cold Storage for Seed and Agricultural Products, Nutritional Supplements, and more.

To maintain a low dew point and avoid ice buildup on both product and equipment surfaces, our cold rooms and container refrigeration units are typically equipped with desiccant or refrigeration-based dehumidification. Our cold rooms typically have temperatures between 0°C and 10°C.

Benefits of Hira Link Cold Room Service

We are experts in the preservation and storage of a wide variety of goods, including those used in hospitality, frozen foods, fresh produce, dairy products, beverages, medicines, and vaccinations. Our industrial Cold Rooms are simple to install, use, and maintain, keeping you up and running right away, whether you need modest walk-in coolers and freezers or big chilled warehouses. 

Why Choose Hira Link?

Hira link, Freezer Truck Company committed to developing incredibly reliable products and services. You may rely on us as an honest partner to assist you in getting anywhere you want to go. For your walk-in cooler or freezer needs, Hira Link offers a range of the most energy-efficient hardware and accessories.

Gasket-Assisted Cam Locking

All joints are aligned strongly and precisely thanks to our camlocks. Food-grade PVC gaskets make them sleek & leak-proof and are a preferable replacement of silicone sealants.

Built-To-Order Panels

Our PUF Panels can be made to meet your layout design and site requirements. We offer flexible sizes and use L, T, and + shape panels to create hygienic, strong, and rivet-free cold rooms.

Inside and Outside Ramp

Site conditions are often not optimal yet you may still need to travel in and out of cold rooms regularly. You can transport your food on trolleys without being obstructed thanks to Hira Link specially designed ramps.


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