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Refrigerated Container


Every little thing matters when transporting your perishable groceries. For the duration of the travel, the container’s temperature, humidity, ventilation, and kind of air conditions must be properly adjusted to your cargo truck body. We are one of the best refrigerated shipping companies in UAE due to our capability to provide containers that can be remotely regulated to temperatures between -40 and +30 °C as well as control air conditions and cold treatment (Reefer containers).


  • The most cutting-edge technology Fleet reefer

Our fleet of perishable food shipping containers is one of the newest and most technologically advanced on the market. It integrates the most recent advancements in service and efficiency.

  • A customized service for our customers

Each of your projects is closely monitored by our devoted staff of experts in the shipping container refrigeration unit. We provide a tailored solution, modifying the settings of our containers and adding specialized services appropriate for your perishable commodities.

  • Reefers that are environment-friendly

Our container ships for refrigerated container trucks are designed to maximize fuel efficiency while also minimizing emissions of greenhouse gasses and air pollutants. This reduces your carbon footprint as much as possible. To reduce energy use, specialized software enables tracking of product temperatures throughout the whole voyage.

  • Many different services for perishable foods

Oxygen and CO2 levels can be regulated and modified in our container refrigeration unit. Additionally, they can be equipped to meet specific shipping needs, such as those for the pharmaceutical business or for the liquids industry, and for companies transporting frozen food with dry ice. 

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