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Shipping Container Refrigeration Unit

The refrigerated container with units offers customers a variety of options for their cold chain needs.The shipping container refrigeration unit can be ordered as a single, double or triple container and is designed to accommodate the customer’s specific needs.

We have the best prices in the industry, so there is no need to look any further for your cold storage solution.

Why Hira Link?

As a market-leading producer of refrigerated containers with units, Hira Link continuously enhances the design of reefer refrigeration units to guarantee compatibility and maximize refrigeration efficiency for sea containers and ISO container shipping of various dimensions.

Whether you’re transporting vegetables or vaccinations, Hira Link carrier electric reefer units are set up to deliver cutting-edge delivery you can trust. To maintain the cold chain and guarantee complete safety, cargo such as fruit, meat, medications, and other frozen or refrigerated goods all require exact temperature monitoring and competent handling.

Because of this, Hira Link refrigerated transport services has created special technologies to make sure that the shipping of our carrier reefer unit models is as safe, dependable, and effective as possible.

With the help of our state-of-the-art monitor system, you can monitor the location, humidity, temperature, and even unforeseen door openings of your goods in real time. It is an essential tool for keeping track of any kind of sensitive or priceless goods, saving time, effort, and stress.

Where to use Refrigerated Container With Unit

For commodities that must be carried at a constant temperature above or below the freezing point, reefer truck refrigeration units are utilized. Depending on the required shipping temperature, these commodities are separated into chilled and frozen categories. Fruit, vegetables, meat, and dairy goods like butter and cheese are the main components.

Particularly for bulky and light commodities, high-cube integral units are used (e.g. fruit, flowers).

Nowadays, integrated units—which have a significantly bigger market share than porthole containers—are typically used to transport items that need refrigeration.

Sometimes chilled meat is also delivered hanging, for which purpose refrigeration vessels’ ceilings are fitted with specialized hook rails.


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