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Everything You Need to Know About Refrigerated Shipments

The shipment of perishable goods, which often takes place over extensive distances and takes place in climate-controlled conditions, is accomplished via the use of refrigerated transport. The settings that are kept at a constant temperature are referred to as reefers, and they might take the form of truck trailers, rail carriages, or shipping containers. Food, medications, and animals that are sensitive to temperature are some examples of commodities that need to be transported in a temperature-controlled environment.

Structures that are built inside reefers are responsible for maintaining either a steady temperature or a temperature range within the reefer’s interior. In addition, thanks to a mechanism that monitors and controls the temperature, the cargo that these vehicles transport is kept secure and in pristine condition at all times.

Which Types of Goods are shipped In Refrigerated Trailers?

However, perishable goods like fruits, vegetables, and other food products are not the only types of shipments that must be transported in a cold environment. These are some others:

  • Pharmaceuticals

Because pharmaceutical goods often include ingredients that do not react well to shifts in temperature, many pharmaceutical items must be transported in refrigerated vehicles. This is because temperature changes may cause the ingredients to become unstable. Glaucoma eye medications, for example, should be stored at a temperature that is consistently lower than 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Insulin is another substance that cannot tolerate large temperature swings well.

  • Livestock

Livestock that is sensitive to temperature and has to have its location moved requires refrigeration during the relocation process. Honeybees are one kind of animal that fits this description. Honeybees generate a great deal of heat. The heat may damage the honey production systems of the bees if there was little ventilation and if the honey had to be transported over long distances without being chilled.

  • Cosmetics

The quality of items produced in the cosmetics business must also be preserved via the use of chilled shipping methods. Lipsticks, for instance, are susceptible to melting if they are subjected to heat. Under the same circumstances, fragrances may be lost in perfumes as well. Because of this, these goods, along with other cosmetic products that are comparable, have to be transported in a refrigerated environment.

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